10+ Of The Best Shots Of The 2017 Solar Eclipse


On Monday, August 21, 2017, millions of people were staring at the same thing through doofy glasses, as they tried to catch a glimpse of the solar eclipse.

Not only that, they also immortalized the awe-inspiring moment in photos. And we have collection the best of them in case you missed the phenomenon or can’t get enough of it.
A total solar eclipse covered a narrow portion of the United States from Salem, Oregon to Charleston, South Carolina. And a partial one was visible across the entire continent of North America. Also as well as in parts of South America, Africa, and Europe. This was the first time since 1918 when THE UNITED STATES experienced the path of totality from coast to coast.

The most amazing thing about any total solar eclipse is how it differs from location to location, eclipse to eclipse. No two are the same. The duration of totality varies, the natural phenomena around you will be different every time. And the environment you stand in here on Earth defines the experience as much as the alignment of the moon and the sun above. The singular uniqueness of any given total solar eclipse, in a distinct position on the globe, is the reason so many people devote their lives to chasing the shadow of the moon all over the world.

#1 I Am The Accidental Photographer Of This Once In A Lifetime Shot

#2 To The Ends Of The Earth…. This Is A Single Photo, No Photoshop

#3 The Great American Eclipse As Seen From Oregon. Millions Of People Gathered To The Narrow Path Of Totality To Witness One Of The Most Epic Astronomical Phenomenons Of The Century

#4 Apparently Eclipses Produce Insane Looking Shadows

#5 Another Eclipse Photo

#6 This Was Undoubtedly The Most Fantastic Natural Phenomenon I’ve Had The Honor Witnessing

#7 The Day Of The Eclipse. Double Exposure Pic

#8 The Eclipse Is Leaving Very Weird Shadows On My Deck!

#9 Hours Of Planning, Scouting, And Driving Went Into Creating This Photograph. It Was On The Verge Of Being Completely Ruined By Clouds. But Thankfully It All Worked Out

#10 View From A Plane Over The Pacific Ocean

#11 Got Extra Lucky With This Shot During The Eclipse!

#12 The Sun And The Moon

#13 The Solar Eclipse’s Totality Only Lasted For Minutes In The Path That It Occurred. Giving Photographers A Small Window Of Time To Capture Something Most Of Us Will Most Likely Never See Again

#14 Solar Eclipse 2017

#15 Total Solar Eclipse Photobombed By ISS Transit