This 10-Hour Video of Planet Earth Cityscapes Is Strangely Hypnotic


In what is now the sixth installment of a stunning and weirdly addictive series, the BBC has released 10 full hours of video shot during the filming of the Planet Earth II “Cities” episode.

Planet Earth and the beauty of this video, aside from the sheer volume of it all, is that it’s without any commentary. And the action (if you can call it that) is limit to a bare minimum. We’ve got nothing against horny aquatic sloths, frantic newborn lizards getting attacked by snakes. Or even Sir David Attenborough for that matter, but there’s something unique for watching this breathtaking footage in its uncut, unadulterated form.

Like all of the videos in this series, the film is record by Planet Earth II camera teams. While they were out on location. Rather than tossing hours upon hours of extra video footage in the garbage, the BBC is putting it together into glorious, long-form videos. Cities shown in this video include Jodphur, Mumbai, Rome, Toronto, and others. If you haven’t seen the original “Towns,” or any of the THE WORLD II episodes for example, you should make it a priority.

But what the documentary constantly show us is some more pretty creatures behaving oddly. Animals that live in the city are simply not like animals that reside in the wildernesses. They’re different things entirely-not more human, they still have very little in common with our subjectivities, but more urban.

Animals that live in cities are smarter than their cousins. They have measurably larger brains, they have more children, they spend more time at play, they evolve faster. Living in cities presents difficulties that are not present in the wilderness. There’s pollution and disease, disorientating lights and sounds. The direct danger of human being predation and the far greater threat of individual indifference.

Here are the other episodes in BBC’s “1o Hour” series so far.