8 signs that you might be addicted to CS:GO


We all have some addictions in our lives. Some alcohol, drugs, women, gambling etc… some gaming. Yes, you have read well. Gaming. CS:GO is one of the games which take away much of my time spent on PC. Here are 8 signs that you might be addicted to CS:GO.

So after years of training and practice, I eventually became respectable enough to join the ranks of the professionals online. Composed several impressive articles and informatives, printed interviews and analysed several championships, just to fall into this level. That is me, knocking out my inner retard to ensure a goofy and ridiculous article is just “one tap” away from all the significant tournament bizz. In Case You Have ever cracked One of These puns, You’re like me, with nothing but CS:GO in our own lives.

1. Whenever you throw anything, you say “fire in the hole”

It’s a reflex answer to everything. Dad : throw me the remoteYou: Fire in the hole.

2. Whats AWP, doc?

A visit to the physician is incomplete with no dropping this. With the recent situations doctors have been in, this may lighten up their day.

3. You seem to get flashed way more in game than the “good” kind

Ah, no need to be blue. This point is only valid if you have a girlfriend. Or bad teammates who don’t kick you out.

4. ‘Cache’ me outside, how bout dat.

CS:GO doesn’t always work the way you would like it to. Neither do puns. But can we agree this meme sucks and we have to work together as a species to end this?

5. Gurl, if you were a CS map, you’d be de_licious

This older pickup line is most likely not the best one on the market whenever you are in a bar and need to woo that adorable woman from the pub… oh wait, you don’t go to clubs, or bars, coz you are too busy playing CS:GO at home. Hopefully when you need to wait for the competitive cooldown, you can muster up some courage and get yourself out there.

6. Can I wallbang your double doors?

Another pick up line. But this time, it’ll probably get you kicked in the nuts.

7. They call you the defuse kit coz you only last 5 seconds.

Get your ass off that chair and go gym. Kegel’s exercise would help here. Legit one of the sickest burns you can use on your fellow gamer friends.

8. Terrorists wear sunglasses coz they don’t want de dust 2 get in their eyes.

Serious pun. Lol