Amazing and Unique Art at the World Bodypainting Festival


Models transforming into stunning artwork, monsters and nightmarish entities for a world-class bodypainting event.

Women and men endured waits as high as 6 hours in their mission to become sophisticated human canvases. Within an Austrian town this weekend, as the 2017 World Bodypainting and Festival Championships got under way.
The event sees participants decorated not in paint just, however in elaborate latex makeup. Indeed creating appearances that could not be out of place in a science fiction film.
On Friday, a few of the human exhibits included a scaly-skin female with an pet skeleton headdress. Also another with multiple units of horns, as the more reserve are half with clothing, body paint with butterflies, flowers and apes.

Astonishing pictures from the event and the surreal transformations that models painstakingly underwent for the World Bodypainting Festival in Austria.

Nothing was off limits for the festival as models metamorphosed into wonderfully weird works of art. Indeed, after up to six hours of waiting for artists to finishing adorning their bodies.

Lastly highly skilled artists transforming the patient models into everything. For example, from angelic-looking entities to daemonic creatures from another world. 

Some of the end results are genuinely frightening and nightmarish such as this woman who is clad in metal and donning a gothic crown.

This man transformation into a bright and colourful representation of Africa. A lion is emblazoned on his abdomen and a Gazelle has been detailed onto his leg.

The event sees participants decorated not just in paint, but in elaborate latex makeup, creating appearances that would not be out of place in a science fiction film.

Many of the models’ appearances completely defied definition. This woman struck and unsettling glance while dress in her bizarre and beautiful costume.

The vision of leopard beams forward from this model’s head while the rest of her body has been covered in bright and colourful bodypaint.

Some of the human exhibits included a scaly-skinned woman with an animal skeleton headdress. Another with multiple sets of horns, while the more reserve are semi-nude, paint with butterflies, apes and flowers.

Karen Dinger (left), from Germany, says ‘My painting name is ‘Utopia’ and stands for a world in which all dreams come true.

The weird and wonderful world of bodypainting masters knows no boundaries. This man has was appears to be Dracula’s head peering out from above her head.

‘My painting name is ‘Utopia’ and stands for a world in which all dreams come true,’ says artist and third-time participant Karen Dinger from Germany.

Her painting and costume took six hours to create. Features heart-shaped red and white wings that stretch from the model’s head to knee-level and a painted moon on the leg.

The three-day festival, which is in its 19th year, sees 60 artists from over 50 countries take part. And competitions in 13 separate categories including special effects bodypainting, brush and sponge painting and ultraviolet effects.

This wasp-man seems to have a cannabis lead attached to his back. The strange and bizarre works of art created at the festival know no boundaries.

Many of the models endured hours of preparation as highly-skilled artists completely transformed them into creatures from other worlds.

This model poses with her bodypainting designed by Michele Di Giovanni from Italy during the 20th World Bodypainting Festival 2017.

The amazingly intricate design of this piece on top of the model’s head resembles a flight of butterflies.

The gloomy weather seemed appropriate for many of the more bizarre-looking designs.