These Bears Eat as Much Junk Food as You Do


Bears, they’re similar to us. And I am not referring to a subset of hairy humans, but to some furry critters in Wisconsin whose diets contain a staggering quantity of junk food. Seriously!

There’s a reason behind their sugary diet. The population of bears in Wisconsin resides by the law-seekers can feed them lure for up to six months from this year.

Bait, including junk food, lures the black bears in, which makes them easier to catch. Scientists in the region have been analyzing a population of bears to see precisely how much bait they’re actually eating, and it turns out, a great deal. Hunters’ bait may be helping the stand populations out in an unnatural way.

Why junk food, you might be asking? “That means that these sources are high sugar, high fat meals which people and bears both like. Cookies, donuts, cake frosting, peanut butter, it is all over the board”.

Here’s a random keep eating real trash:

The group of researchers reconstructed the diets of more than a hundred bears killed by hunters in Northwest Wisconsin from 2011 to 2013, by measuring chemicals in their hair, blood, and bones. Throughout a morbid combination of processes requiring chloroform, spatulas, scissors and chemistry gear, they examined specific compound dietary markers for animal beef, natural vegetation, and bait. They found that approximately 40 percent of the bears’ diets originated from bait intended for either deer or bears, not just for the entire year the bears were searched, but over the span of their lives. The crap food-loving bear scenario comes in part from the particulars of Wisconsin’s hunting laws. The baiting season can last six months, which is longer than other nations-baiting season is only a few weeks in neighboring Minnesota. For bears surviving to the following calendar year, lure could just become an integral component of the diet.

Here is another bear, eating crap:

Is this bad? Parker’s team did not actually look at how the bears were performing physiologically–but there are lots of bears in Wisconsin, and a great deal of bait. Obviously, this study’s results are specific to Wisconsin, and are limited by the fact that it only included hunted bears.

Moreover, who cares about a hairy army of junk-food loving bears stumbling around the forests of northern Wisconsin? Mainly, the study highlights the degree to which humans cause some wildlife inhabitants to rely on them . If murdering and scavenging is your bear equivalent to cooking meals, and eating bait is ordering delivery, subsequently bears are ordering in each night of the week, and on some days they are even ordering lunch.

This is normal for some people, but clearly not for bears. It could have significant implications for the way states operate their bating seasons and manage their bear populations.

Following Is a third bear, also eating crap:

It will make you wonder, however, what the bears’ favorite snacks are. Wisconsin appears to have some very good cheese-covered popcorn.