John Mayer credits Drake with inspiring him to up his live-show game


John Mayer wants to intensify his game.

The singer-songwriter-guitarist hasn’t relied on multicolored light, pyrotechnics and confetti to help him during his live shows, like a few of his peers. However now he says viewing Drake perform live inspired him to strengthen his stage creation and take more dangers during his concerts.

On Tuesday in Albuquerque Mayer will release the next leg of his Seek out Everything World Tour, New Mexico. The brand new concert events have been a departure for the Grammy champion, who performs with a colorful and futuristic L now.E.D. floor and wall.

“I wish to maintain the world where people are creating bigger and better shows,” Mayer said. “I think there’s a wholesome competition involved with it … The truth is something that wows you and as an designer yourself you decide to go, ‘I want a small amount of that.'”

He said in his wildest wish, his tour “would almost be Broadway-like”. But also for now he’s centered on keeping his own tale intact.

“Anything that I’ve ever found … I’ve always found, I believe, my own tone of voice with it,” he said. “Therefore I’m doing the best, bad L.E.D. show, however in a genuine way that tells a tale about me.”

The 39-year-old wrapped a tour with Deceased & Company recently, his supergroup with Grateful Dead’s Mickey Hart, Expenses Kreutzmann and Bob Weir. His summer season tour wraps Sept. 3 in Noblesville, Ind.

Mayer announced Tuesday that he’ll join for the Dive Pub Tour. He will be touring with Bud Light for a show in LA July 26.

In a recent interview with The Associated Press, Mayer talked about stepping it up with his live shows. Attending Grateful Dead University. Also enjoying new albums by DJ Khaled and Calvin Harris are some of the inspirations he gets from.

Until then listen to some of his hits and enjoy the music. See you on the concerts!


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