The 10 Greatest ‘Shark Week’ Videos Of All Time Are Totally Awesome


Plan your shark-loving brain to be blown.

Discovery Channel’s annual Shark Week begins July 23, and there is no better way to whet your appetite for seven straight times of ocean-dwelling predators being amazing than with the ten biggest Shark Week videos ever aired.

From slow-motion shots of the Great White’s breathtaking breaches to rare footage of the freakishly unpleasant Ghost Shark. These incredible videos shall get you pumped for another exhilarating shark-a-thon like nothing else will.

1. Watch a Great White Bust From the Ocean
    From Air Jaws: Walking with Great Whites

The moment an enormous Great White shoots straight from the water in full-on attack mode produces one of the very most epic shark breaches ever recorded.

2. This Ghost Shark is Disgusting
    From Alien Sharks: Go back to the Abyss

You’ve never seen anything such as this before. A fresh ghastly species of ghost shark, called a Chimaera, is captured on camera dwelling in the depths of the Pacific Sea.

3. Hungry Shark Episodes Underwater Camera
From Jaws Strikes Back

Up-close-and-personal footage shows a seal’s-eye view of a starving shark’s sneak attack with an underwater camera in this crazy clip.

4. Great White Brave and Shark Ass Seal Square Off
    From Jaws Strikes Back

It’s tough out there in the open, but this epic standoff between an eager seal and 12-feet Great White demonstrates precisely how menacing the open up sea can be.

5. Great White Shark Gets Airborne…in Slow-Motion
    From Ultimate Air Jaws

There’s grounds why the fantastic White’s mind-boggling breach is known as following the Polaris ballistic missile, and nothing exhibits it much better than slow-motion video footage from Phantom high-speed cameras.

6. In the Great White’s Terrifying Mouth
    From In to the Shark Bite

The silhouette of an excellent White is unmistakable, but what do they appear to be from the within? Get a romantic look inside the gnarly jaws of 1 of the toothy beasts as it breaches for it’s victim.

7. A Shark called “Colossus” Makes Food out of the Seal
From Air Jaws: Fin of Fury

As sunlight sets on an extended day of filming, a camera crew catches the incredible instant a notorious 14-foot Great White shark named Colossus breaches for an injured seal on the top.

8. 3 Sharks Undertake an Underwater Cage

    From Air Jaws: Fin of Fury

Capturing shark video footage is a risky business, which clip shows what goes on whenever a trio of Great Whites put a diver’s WASP (Drinking water Armor Shark Protection) cage to the test.

9. Hungry Sharks Prey on Rotting Whale Carcass
From Air Jaws: Sharks of South Africa

In the event that you thought WASP divers were crazy, just watch as daring cameraman sits on the whale carcass throughout a Great White feeding program to create himself up for the perfect shot.

10. Diver Vs. Tiger Shark
      From Zombie Sharks

Theory shows that if you turn down a shark it induces circumstances of tonic surprise upside. Expert shark diver and conservationist Eli Martinez places this theory to the test as he bravely attempts the technique from a hostile Tiger shark.


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